Business Law

Includes incorporation, corporate reorganizing, business acquisition and sales, business financing and refinancing, commercial real estate, secured transactions and franchising, partnerships and sole partnerships. 
Service offered by John McDonald and Valérie Doré.

Residential Real Estate

Includes purchasing a home, selling a home, mortgages, and refinancing.
Service offered by Bill Duncan, and Valérie Doré.

Estate Planning/Wills

The overall planning of a person’s present and future wealth including the preparation of a will and the planning of distribution of assets and minimization of taxes.
Service offered by John McDonaldBill Duncan, and Valérie Doré.

Administrative Law

The body of rules and principles that govern the duties and operations of federal and state administrative agencies, as well as commissions and boards.
Service offered by John McDonald, and Valérie Doré.

Landlord Tenant

Landlords frequently have problems with their tenants not paying rent on time, or not following the standards set out on the lease or rental agreement in terms of proper care of the property. More info...
Service offered by Debbie Baker.