When going through a family breakdown, whether it is a separation or divorce, of common-law or married spouses, it is of extreme importance to have a trusted advisor and experienced family lawyer on your side.  Family law lawyers help their clients navigate the all-important issues of child custody, access, support, and property issues, during a highly emotional and stressful time.

In family law proceedings, it is our goal to effectively and amicably resolve each matter in a quick and cost effective manner, while still taking into consideration our client’s emotional well-being as well.  However, when a quick resolution cannot be effectuated, we will aggressively represent your interest within the ethical and professional boundaries of the law.

The welfare of our client’s children is paramount. In matters involving child custody and access, we are sensitive to the needs of the children, and I work toward a resolution that will minimize the impact of litigation upon them. As should be expected, most parents are extremely concerned with the safety, happiness, and emotional and physical well-being of their children. As parents, we can relate to these concerns and fears, and as a result, we make it our goal to assist our clients in ensuring that the ultimate resolution is in the best interests of their child(ren).

Unresolved legal matters often keep family members from moving on and achieving other goals. To ensure that your family law needs are met and that you are represented by a caring and competent lawyer, please call us to set up an appointment.

Domestic Contracts
In addition to marriage breakdown, we can also protect your interests when entering into a spousal relationship, through marriage contracts and/or cohabitation agreements.  There are a huge variety of circumstances that may exist for individuals in need of these types agreement.  It is possible that one party wants to ensure that they protect their property and assets from a future claim by a live-in partner; or alternatively, they want to provide for their spouse in the event of their death, or upon the breakdown of a relationship.

If you are considering cohabiting with a partner, whether you are planning to get married or not, and would like some solid legal advice on how to protect your interests, please contact us for a consultation.  Together, we will find the right solution for your needs.